Module 4: Identification

TMP Systems has developed a tool in collaboration with Bonsucro to help millers and farmers identify individuals rapidly and reliably. Powerful applications of identification technologies include: payment disbursal; time logging; meeting registration; and tracing yield to field. For example, good identification process can help producer companies and supply chain partners to keep their operations free of practices like forced and child labour.

Benefits of using the Module?

  • Proof of training attendance for certification
  • Faster identification during meeting and training sessions
  • Accurate and secure wage payments
  • Reduction in land disputes due to improved governance

What is the Module?

The identification module is composed of four parts and is designed for farmers small and large to pick up and use quickly and effectively. The part of the module are:

  • A fingerprint scanner
  • Software to connect scanner to mobile devices
  • Biometric protocol and training materials
  • Secure data storage capacity

For access to the elements please visit the Module Material page.

The Identification Module was developed for small and large agricultural enterprises, so we have focused on low operational cost, high levels of security and ease of use. The software used is bespoke to this tool so that it is fully compatible with both Android mobile devices and computers. This software also allows us to avoid any significant post-installation costs besides maintenance of a secure storage facility (e.g. AWS or Microsoft Azure).

Biometric information is highly sensitive and so requires a very robust and clear set of protocols for collection and management. We have produced simple training materials to guide outgrowers through the steps required to securely take, store and delete biometric data. This includes a clear testing process to ensure the system is watertight before being rolled out.

Biometric systems – like fingerprint scanners – are affordable and robust: they are very hard to manipulate and allow identification any registered individual in seconds. These processes improve the efficiency of labor management as well as local social license to operate. In addition, the identification tool we have produced can to feed directly into several sustainability standards:

Support required for implementation

If mills and brands / traders can support financially the relatively inexpensive installation process for this module, the module could be scaled quickly and with immediate impact. A major advantage of this Identification module over competitors is that it’s running costs are very low, it can use any Android device already in the field and that it can integrate smoothly with existing data management systems like CanePro, Planahead or other GIS and spreadsheet based management tools. Support needed for implementation at each production site include:
  • Adapting the module to suit conditions and requirements, particularly with regards to ease of use in-field and identification
  • Using provided material to train scouts, supervisors and the local IT manager / local IT service provider in the operations and management of the system
  • Optional provisions of extra hardware, like smart phones, tablets or fingerprint scanners, to increase collection capacity
  • Hosting workshop and any follow up visit